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On Road Tours

Vietnam Moto Tours is Vietnam’s leading provider of premium Motorcycle Adventure Tours designed for intrepid travelers to discover ‘off the beaten path’ tours into the remote and rarely explored regions of Vietnam. We offer motorcycle tours in South, Central and North Vietnam.(including the Mekong Delta, Northwest and Northeast). We feature a variety of new motorcycle models for all of our tours.

VMT is (in the purest sense of the word), an ‘adventure’ motorcycle company. It enables us to ensure the same high quality standards for our tours no matter where they are operated. Our tours are never subcontracted to other companies. We operate all tours with our own staff of experienced, licensed tour leaders. This characteristic distinguishes us from other motorcycle tour companies and is a key element of our business model.


Off-Road Adventures

VMT has Off-road Motorcycle Tours and routes to suit all riders’ skill levels.

We are totally flexible so that whether you are a road rider who wants to experiment, or a competitive trials, enduro or motocross rider, we can give you the ultimate dirtbike adventure. We provide fully supported and all inclusive enduro dirtbike tours; including the Central Highlands and its deepest jungles, the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail, or the Northern mountain paths. Please visit our off-road tours page to learn more about it.

We use Honda XR and CRF dual-sport/enduro motorcycles. We won’t be jumping around on a motocross racetrack, nor do ‘crazy’ single tracks through the rocky mountains, but we will for sure get away from asphalt, and a lot. These bikes are very capable both on-road and off-road, allowing us to explore many hidden spots usually unreachable with standard road bikes. That’s the whole ‘off-road‘ idea. Enjoy the adventures and the nature!

4x4 (4WD) Tours

Vietnam Moto Tours team is here to advise and help you create the best possible 4×4 journey in Vietnam. Our team all have a deep passion for isolated Vietnam and have explored the vast network of back roads and tracks, as well as having stayed in the many camps and lodges to ensure your experience will be unforgettable.

Even more impressive than our vehicles and equipment is the knowledge and dedication to what makes an excellent 4×4 off road holiday, whether it’s for wildlife lovers, family tours, or off-road enthusiasts. Our jungle camping style adds to the authentic feel of Vietnam, where you’ll be able to experience a night or more in the heart of nature and wildlife. Hot showers and clean comfortable beds are guaranteed, often located near rivers, mountains and surrounded by great jungle trails. You’ll be humbled by the welcome of the local people who are very inquisitive and always greet us with smiles.

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